Monday, January 3, 2011

Librarian Job Opportunity in Charleston WV

Working title: Program and Planning Consultant. Responsible for identifying trends and needs in WV libraries through the collection and analysis of library data and, based on this analysis, for developing statewide programs that promote improvement in library services to better serve the people of West Virginia. Design, implement and monitor agency activities that annually collect, publish and analyze general, service, and financial data from West Virginia's academic, public and special libraries. Advise and train statewide library staff on data collection and reporting techniques. Complete and file statistical reports required of the Library Commission by state and federal agencies. Maintain current and historical agency statistics. Analyze statistical data collected for implications for library service needs in the state. Prepare customized funding needs in the state. Prepare customized IDE library community, and others. Plan and implement statistical reports requested by agency staff, the statewide library community, and others. Plan and implement programs that enhance all levels of staff development in the state's public libraries, assist libraries with strategic planning, and improve library services. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of data collection and analysis techniques as well as knowledge of the principles and methods of planning and implementing programs; ability to interpret and apply laws, regulations and policies affecting program operations; ability to analyze regional, community and statewide needs to make recommendations for new or revised programs; ability to communicate complex information to non-specialists and to conduct a formal presentation. The minimum of two years professional experience should be in a large to medium public library or state library agency is recommended. Applicants must be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel software programs.

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