Monday, December 6, 2010

Karen H's Pick

I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg

The story begins as main character Maggie Forenberry makes plans for a perfect crime-- her own suicide. A former Miss Alabama, Maggie's life has taken some unexpected turns. Two failed romances, along with the downtown in the the real estate market, have led Maggie to believe this is the best way out of her problems. Maggie's suicide attempts keep having "bad" endings as one thing after another conspires to prevent it, but, finally, the stars align.

As with other Fannie Flagg books, the real delight of the story is with the characters. These include Hazel, the now deceased midget owner of Red Mountain Realty, who never met a stranger and Brenda, Maggie's overweight real estate partner.

There is also a little bit of mystery in this book. While Maggie and Brenda are exploring a mansion newly added to the real estate market, they discover a skeleton wearing only a kilt and somehow manage to figure out who it is. While learning the history of the mansion and the family, you also learn that the former owner had a sexual secret. Trust me, you will figure out what it is well before Maggie does!

Despite Maggie's several suicide attempts, all ends well. After all, it is a Fannie Flagg book!

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