Friday, January 20, 2012

Revised Procedures for Rotating and Deposit Collections

To better serve libraries, the Library Commission has revised its procedures for rotating and deposit collections. 

To request collections, please fill out the request form.  The request will go to the librarian responsible for the collection(s).

MARC bibliographic records will be provided for each item in the collections(s).  A file will be sent to the consortium System Administrator to load.  This process will be done before the library receives the collection.  Once the collection is received, the library will only need to attach an item record to the bibliographic record.

Libraries will not need to withdraw the rotating and deposit collection from the online catalog. When the collection is ready to be returned to the Library Commission, scan each item barcode into a notepad document and send it to the System Administrator.  The System Administrator will send the library a copy of the circulation report and remove the rotating and deposit collection records from the online catalog.

To assist the Library Commission in showing the value of the service, please provide feedback on the collection at the end of the loan period by completing the online survey.  All feedback received will be anonymous and kept confidential.  

For more information, see the Rotating and Deposit Collection page.

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