Thursday, February 27, 2014

LearningExpress Library 3.0

LearningExpress, the career/test tutor database, supplied by the West Virginia Library Commission, is transitioning to a new platform!  

The newest version of LearningExpress Library™ (3.0) will launch via the portal  on Monday, February 24. The current version (2.0) will remain on the site until May 1 when it will be retired. Both platforms will be available to users between February 24 and May 1. After that date, only version 3.0 will be available. It is important for libraries to alert their patrons to retrieve any materials they've created on the old platform before it disappears on May 1.

LearningExpress Library™ 3.0 is new technology that has no connection to LearningExpress 2.0. As such, it will not recognize existing usernames and passwords from LearningExpress Library 2.0. All current users will be required to register as new users to access the new platform. Furthermore, any content saved in LearningExpress 2.0 accounts will not migrate to LearningExpress Library 3.0.

New GED test and the TASC test prep materials are available in the new LearningExpress Library™ 3.0 High School Equivalency Center.

Job & Career Accelerator, another LearningExpress product, has also been updated. It's now one of nine specialty "centers" available through the LearningExpress Library main page. (Look for it on the All Centers drop-down menu.) And on the portal, Job & Career Accelerator 3 has been added.   The same user names and passwords can be used for LearningExpressLibrary  and Job & Career Accelerator.  These usernames and password can be the same used for the 2.0 platform products. 

As with LearningExpress Library, personal accounts, resumes, cover letters, training records, and job searches created on the previous platform will not transfer to the new version of Job & Career Accelerator. Users will need to create new personal accounts. The old version of Job & Career Accelerator will remain available to users until May 1, 2014.

****Link to a video which shows you how to take advantage of everything LearningExpress Library has to offer including how to create a new account, login to the library, move around quickly, search for and use our products, use your personal portfolio page, and get help:  The video and other helpful information is found under the User Guides tab. 

For additional information and resources please contact Susan Hayden, 304-558-3078, ext. 2015.

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