Friday, March 11, 2011

Pass the Sandwich

Today's selection comes from American Sandwich: Great Eats From all 50 States by Becky Mercuri.

Grilled Brats, Sheboygan-Style

4 fresh bratwurst sausages
1 12-ounce can or bottle of beer
Softened butter
4 bratwurst rolls, crusty rolls, or hot dog rolls
German or Dijon-style mustard
Chopped fresh onion
Sauerkraut (optional)

Pierce each bratwurst four times with a fork and place in a pan large enough to hold them in one layer.  Add beer, bring to boil over medium heat, and let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Heat grill. Drain bratwurst and place on grill over medium-high heat.  Grill bratwurst for about 10 minutes, or until well browned.

Lightly butter the rolls.  Just before the brats are done, place rolls under a preheated broiler, or facedown on the fill, until they are golden brown.  Place brats in rolls and serve with mustard, onion, and pickles or sauerkraut, if desired.

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